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Academic Days


Academic Days events are known to be very focused on a specific academic topic, in which students can gain deep knowledge within 5 working days of event. While working hard during the daytime, in the evenings participants have time to reflect and share insights they gained with each other. The leisure part of every event always consists of teambuilding and various cultural activities, which bring warm family feeling to the group and enhances the learning process.



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    Retail operations emerged as a substantial and important area of research and practice in recent years. It consists on planning your entire shopping experience every time you enter a retail store, from the items you see for sale to the layout and design of the store.


    Since this is a very dynamic sector the main challenges faced by it are the rapidly changing markets, firms, products and lastly, Internet retailing also had a big impact on the operational requirements and competitive landscape.


    So how can you overcome these problems? How should the company's jobs be reconfigured?


    Recent research in retailing has discovered new applications, contexts, and theories which promise a fertile ground for operations management researchers to explore for many years to come.


    The main topics that are going to be approached are:

    • Multi-channel Operations

    • Assortment Planning

    • Shelf-space Allocation

    • Store execution

    • Consumer Interaction


    Along an intensive week made of academic lectures, practical activities, workshops, and a case study with the close collaboration of one of the largest Portuguese food and clothes retailer (SONAE), LG Porto is ready to give its participants an holistic vision about current retail operations and to understand how to make use of engineering and management skills in order to create a positive impact in the professional future.



  1. This event will involve a selection procedure based on your CV and a motivation letter (one side A4 maximum). So if you want to participate, register now on the portal and send those documents to the ageifeup@fe.up.pt before 31/01.

    If you want to apply as an early bird don’t forget to send both of those documents until the 31/12.


    For any question you may have, do not hesitate to contact us: lr.porto@estiem.org


    And if you think one week in Portugal isn't enough, make sure you also apply to "How to Become an Entrepreneur" in Lisbon that will take place in the previous week.


    We are looking forward to meet you and Look Inside for More Insights on Retail Operations

    And don't forget, #NoPortoNoParty