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The Board is responsible for the management of the organisation. If you would like to get in touch with the whole Board you can send an email to board@estiem.org.


Yassine Belghazi
Vice President of Finance

E-mail:    vp-finance@estiem.org
Skype:    yas.belghazi
Mobile:   +33 6 04 65 40 15


Diogo Sá

E-mail:    president@estiem.org
Skype:    live:diogo.sa_2
Mobile:   +351 916 135 680


Francisca Painhas
Vice President of Administration

E-mail: vp-administration@estiem.org
Skype:    mariamariafrancisca
Mobile:   +351 926 641 487


Sunny-David Schneirder
Vice President of Public Relations

E-mail:    vp-pr@estiem.org
Skype:    sondedon
Mobile:   +49 176 57669405


Joonas Kaijala
Vice President of Activities

E-mail:    vp-activities@estiem.org
Skype:    joonas.kaijala1
Mobile:   +358 50 5434783


Minh Le
Vice President of Education

E-mail:    vp-education@estiem.org
Skype:    live:minh1994
Mobile:   +49 176 42081703




The Committees are there to support the Board with operational tasks, as well as Projects and other Committees.


Corporate Relations


Gizem Sagir

The Corporate Relations Committee coordinates ESTIEM’s relations with companies and universities. It supports the Projects in acquiring sponsorships and academic support.


Financial and Legal


Santeri Hietanen

The Financial and Legal Committee supports the Projects, Committees and Local Groups in legal and financial matters. It ensures that ESTIEM complies with Dutch law and regulations.




Írem Gunduz 

The Grants Committee gathers and shares knowledge about grants. It supports ESTIEM and its Projects in searching and applying for public founding.


Information Technology


Spiros Strachinis

The Information Technology Committee maintains and develops the IT infrastructure of ESTIEM, namely the Portal and the email system.


Knowledge Management



Berke Bayram


The Knowledge Management Committee ensures the knowledge stays within the organisation by documenting best practices and gathering feedback.



Anastasiia Plishkaovska

The Members Committee helps the applicant Local Groups through all the application process, supports new and inactive Local Groups, and implements the Local Group Requirements.


Public Relations


Yigit Torun

The Public Relations Committee promotes ESTIEM inside and outside the organisation, maintaining and ensuring the consistency of the ESTIEM brand.




Nehir Yılmaz

The Training Committee is responsible for spreading skills and knowledge though the organisation by organizing trainings, as well as personal development of ESTIEM members.




Mark Kremer


The Social and Environmental Responsiblity Committee aims to ensure that ESTIEM and its member act conciously and responsibly towards people and planet.

Services & Projects

The Services are there to support the Local Groups when organising an event and to provide services to students.


ESTIEM Language Programme


Carlos Miguel Palao

ESTIEM Language Programme gives everyone a chance to improve their languge skills by attending short lessons during events.

Academic Days


Catarina Hora Marques

One week-long academic events that each focused on a specific topic related to IEM study in which the organising university has a high expertise.




Marija Zugic

A project with events designed to develop leadership, presentation, business and human skills of the participants through professional trainings during a one week event.




Vasco Faria

A project that promotes and stimulates entrepreneurship among students, by organising events, competitions and real life case studies.




Berk Yucel

Discover Europe in 3 Dimensions: Politics, Economy and Culture, through a 5-7 days events in one or more cities. Students from any field of study can join!


Lean Six Sigma


Izabela Preś

LSS Green Belt Course provides high quality education to IEM students which aims to provide Green Belt ceritficates.




Jovana Tisma

The official ESTIEM Magazine is published twice a year with 3000 copies. It includes ESTIEM new, articles about developments on the field of IEM, and career possibilities.


Summer Academy


Sónia Araujo

A 2-week learning experience in ethical leadership with a highly academic and philosophical content, lead by professors from top universities.




Adrián Arrabal Lopez


A case study competition with 3 rounds where juries of professionals and academicians nominate the “IEM students of the year”.



Rita Mendes


An annual seminar series covering an IEM related topic, combining academic content (trainings, workshops, company visits) with informal cultural activities.