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Marija Mladenovic


Technical Information
height: 297 mm
width: 210 mm
approx. 68 pages

cover: 4-colour offset
inside: 4-colour offset
Print run 3 000 copies

ESTIEM Magazine

The ESTIEM Magazine is the official publication of ESTIEM. About 3,000 magazines reach 77 universities in 30 European countries twice a year. ESTIEM Magazine aims to provide insights about forward-looking topics regarding industrial engineering and management. It's one of ESTIEM's oldest projects, having debuted back in 1991.

The magazine's structure is based on five pillars: Focus Topic, Scene, EPIEM, Inside ESTIEM and Explore Europe. The Focus Topic section gives readers a closer look at the issue's specific subject. The magazine includes different visions from professors, professionals and students on different aspects of IEM. Apart from news and the latest ESTIEM developments, the magazine's Explore Europe section features IEM students sharing their exchange experiences.

Focus TopicInside ESTIEMEPIEM
Scene Explore Europe




47th issue - Business Analytics

Society is digitizing and, with the rise of social media and the usage of smart devices, creating growing amount of data. This presents a huge potential in getting useful information out of billions of data pieces, also referred to as 'Big Data'. Business Analytics is the science of continuous evaluation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. Now, and even more in the future, it can be used to improve processes, but also customer satisfaction, trading, healthcare or simply recommending the movie you want to watch tonight, just by analysing data we create every day. Without doubt, it can change business as we know it today, improve decision-making and create a competitive advantage. In this issue we will address the question how far we can go with this and are there questions raised using this technique.


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